Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Pink Lemonade Party

For our triplet daughters 1st Birthday I chose a PINK Lemonade
theme.  Here are some of the decorating hi-lites.

I strung some twine across our hutch and clothes pinned
their outfits they came home in.  A personal touch and a
fun way to showcase how small they really were.

Here is our dessert table

For our goody bags I found plastic tumblers with lemons
on them off Ebay.  I filled them with cotton candy 
(I couldn't find pink lemonade flavor) Jelly Bellys.
Complete with a straw and a packet of Raspberry
(again couldn't find small packets of pink lemonade)
and original lemonade.  The kids loved them, and
it's something they can actually reuse again and again.

I've seen lots of high chair skirts made of tulle and ribbon.
They are super cute and super time consuming.  My vision
for the party was Country Pink Lemonade, so when I stumbled
upon this white eyelet lace, on clearance at Wal*Mart, I was
beyond excited.  The entire project cost me $10, again clearance.
This is also a no-sew project.  I used velcro to apply the lace.

This is our version of a Lemonade Stand.  We usually
encounter thunderstorms for our parties.  Well, this year
we had 25 mph winds.  So it wasn't exactly my vision,
but this totally served it's purpose, and was still 
very cute.

The girl's Lemonade Stand was a hit.  I decorated
it with cute jars filled with pearls, a pitcher of lemons
and a $1 plastic bird.

My brother made the stand and is the best artist out
there.  I showed him a picture of what I was thinking
and he put his own twist on it.  Beautiful!!!

The girl's Thank You cards picture.
We are in the middle of a drought, yet the 
one green thing in our yard is that weed.  I 
totally didn't notice until after the picture was
taken the  cards were made.  Good thing our
little ladies distract from it.

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